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RICOH Spaces is the perfect tool for managing your workplace, whether you have hot desks, fixed desks, or a combination of both. With its simple yet powerful desk booking, policies, and assignment features, RICOH Spaces gives you greater control over your workspace and the flexibility to adapt as your business needs change.

Clear, actionable insights, and efficient management of your desk space are just a few clicks away with RICOH Spaces.

Easy Desk Management
for Hybrid Working

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Bring your workplace to life with interactive mapping.

Manage your desks, your way. The RICOH Spaces solution and fully customisable floor plans provide clear visibility and easy management of your desk space, with configurable policies available across each location, empowering you to:

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Adopt a single flow for desk and carpark booking

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Free up space in your workplace and understand your occupancy with multiple check-in options
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Gain complete flexibility with policies per building, allowing you to manage advanced bookings, check-in times, booking slots, and more
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Split your workplace into zones, allowing for capacity management, assignment, and analytics at a zone level, to provide manageable insights
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Quickly find Fire Marshalls and First Aiders using the Interactive Map.

Quick and Easy Desk Booking

Employees can make desk bookings in three ways, either in advance or on the day, using:

  • A mobile device

  • A desktop PC with interactive floor plans

  • QR codes at the desk.

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Giving Your Employees the Power To

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Set their working status when not in the office

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See who is in the office and when

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Delegate bookings for group management

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Prioritise their group of employees

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Use the QR scanner for check-in interactions

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Automate location-based check-ins

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Managing Zones

You have the flexibility to create multiple zones or neighbourhoods that can have various configurations, permissions, and booking modes, to best manage workgroups and promote collaboration.

Choose how employees book desks with booking modes. For example, the Desk on arrival feature prevents employees booking the same desk and encourages a flexible desk approach.

Manage large areas with ease by assigning users or groups directly to a zone of workspaces.

Assigned users can be allocated on a per-day-basis, allowing you to share zones based on a flexible hybrid working policy.

Effective Visitor

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View and analyse trends of your visitor traffic over time.

  • See how many visitors are on-site at any given time

  • Analyse past data to spot future trends and predict when you can expect your reception to be most busy

  • Understand who your most popular host is

Visitor Management features include:

  • Pre-book visitors

  • Pre-built form customisation

  • Touchless sign-in

  • Daily access pass

  • Visitor desk assignment

  • Bulk import visitors

  • Visitor insights.



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