What is Digital Facilities Management (DFM)?


Digital Facilities Management refers to the integration of technologies, people and processes to enhance the management of a building facilities. With the adoption of emerging technologies in big data analytics, IoT and AI, companies can greatly improve communications, reduce operating costs, streamline business processes, as well as enhance employee well-being and productivity.

With years of experience in optimising workspaces across industries, Ricoh is your one-stop facilities management service & platform provider in developing a flexible and smart workplace.

Top facilities management market trends


Outsourcing Evolution 1

By 2025 the global outsourced market in FM services will be worth $1 trillion. Outsourcing is delivering more complex services over time.


The Smart Workplace 1

25 billion connected things will be in use by 2020 up from 4.9 billion in 2015. Smart buildings with lights, sensors, windows, HVAC units, doors and CCTV integrated into a network will be increasingly common.


Integrated Facilities Management 2

Integrated facilities management (IFM) services are the top FM trends as it allows companies to centralise different facilities management contracts under a single service provider.

Outsourcing your facilities management to an integrated service provider allows you to:


Receive support from experts in different areas such as network & security, business process management, employee well-being & workplace hygiene etc



Save the time required to manage multiple service providers



Enjoy significant cost savings


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To Get Started


The four key areas where you can digitize your Facilities Management (FM) functions.

End-to-end digital FM services

Streamline operations by using IoTs to manage lighting, temperature, employee / visitor access

Workplace productivity & retention

Enable flexible working as employees are equipped with advanced tools to work anytime anywhere they want

Energy & sustainability

Drive energy savings with real time tracking of usage patterns for analytics and continuous improvement

Regulations & compliance

Reduce time spent in data collection for compliance report as paper-based, labor-intensive processes are digitised

Digital facilities management

Ricoh Digital Facilities Management Ecosystem


A new facilities organisation and management approach is required to meet workplace demands of today. With years of experience in optimising work environments across industries, we have the people, processes, and technologies to help improve the way you work.

Ricoh Smart Facilities Management:

Operational Services

Centralised Platform

Business Audit & Advisory

Vendor & Service Level Management

Sustainability & Industrial Benchmark

Our Services



Smart Facilities Management

Our Smart Facilities Management Services cover the full spectrum of FM tasks from space optimisation; preventive maintenance; visitor access management; on-site printing; IT, AV & IoT management to remote software update. This is your one-stop solution to optimise your workspace, enhance mobility, reduce costs, and ultimately create an engaging workplace experience within your organisation.

Smart Facilities Management will allow you to:

  • Capitalise on remote working
  • Optimise office space usage
  • Reduce overhead expenses in non-core business areas
  • Meet AV and IT inventory management challenges
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Smart Energy management Callout blue

Smart Energy Management

With Smart Energy Management, you can manage and track your building’s energy data including the energy usage, temperature and humidity level in real time. The data captured may provide insights on your energy consumption patterns, and help you to develop a data-driven strategy for energy conservation.

Our Smart Energy Management comes with:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Interactive graph analytics
  • Weather condition, floor area, and occupancy reporting for accurate performance assessment
  • Instant alerts and custom reports

Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Indoor air quality (IAQ) imposes significantly impact on employee well-being and productivity. For good indoor air quality, a building should have comfortable temperature and humidity, adequate air ventilation, and control of airborne pollution control.

Our comprehensive IAQ solutions employs various means of removing unwanted air pollutants including viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold & odor for commercial or institutional use. Whether you are looking for a standalone air purifier, a real-time IAQ, monitor or an air treatment unit to keep track of indoor air quality, we will have something that can be tailored to your needs.

Our Indoor Air Quality Improvement can help you:

  • Remove pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, TVOCs, odor & mold
  • Save 20%-40% HVA energy cost
  • Enhance ventilation and decrease CO2 levels
  • Improve employee health and comfort
  • Drive productivity
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Smart Lighting Management

Smart Lighting Management is a wireless lighting control system designed to enable intelligent office lighting control for optimised energy reduction and operational efficiency. It can be easily scaled up anytime by adding new controllers, or re-zoning lights with just a few clicks.

Our Smart Lighting Management delivers key benefits like:

  • Quick installation – 70% faster than wired control solutions
  • Code-compliance for new construction and retrofits
  • Simply move, reprogram or add wireless devices without the need to rewire
  • One single app to control, adjust and reconfigure settings

ESG Dashboard

ESG Dashboard is developed to assist Hong Kong listed companies with ESG reporting and risk management. It streamlines data collection across different business operations, and converts mass data into presentable charts and actionable insights.

The feature rich ESG Dashboard:

  • Is easy to use with built-in formulas
  • Saves time and optimises data collection
  • Allows real-time collaborations between different business operations and multiple users
  • Is highly secure with data encryption and data access control
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Personnel-Outsourcing_800x800 Callout blue

Personnel Outsourcing

We provide Personnel Outsourcing services to support a wide range of front and back office administrative activities including reception, cleaning, security guard service, inbound/outbound mail delivery, cafeteria & food service and complaints/requests handling.

Our Personnel Outsourcing services can help:

  • Deliver higher work quality
  • Increase responsiveness and timeliness for maintenance issues
  • Reduce risk and liability of injuries
  • Reduce hardware, equipment, and insurance costs


Learn how you can optimise your workspace with digital workplace design and check out successful case studies of office redesigns and adoption of latest workplace technologies that have delivered greater productivity.

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