Corporate social responsibility

Sustainability in business and supporting our communities.

At Ricoh, we are committed to contributing to both society and the environment in all our activities. So seriously do we take our corporate social responsibility obligations that they sit at the heart of the way we do business – not just in Hong Kong, but in every jurisdiction where we operate.

We base our corporate social responsibility framework on four key areas:

  • Integrity in corporate activities
  • Harmony with the environment
  • Respect for people
  • Harmony with society

These key areas stem from our corporate philosophy, called the Ricoh Way. This philosophy comprises three founding principles: love your neighbour, love your country and love your work, and was coined by our founder, Kiyoshi Ichimura, in 1946.

Over the years, the Ricoh Way has consistently provided a solid platform for us to address social and business challenges. Today, it remains the cornerstone of how we do business in every country, territory and region.

Environment and sustainability

Hong Kong contains some truly remarkable natural landscapes and marine environments. At Ricoh, we recognise the impact that climate change has on these special places, as well as on our communities. As such, we place great importance on upholding a sustainable environmental management policy to consolidate our position as a leader in environmental management and corporate social responsibility.

Ricoh Hong Kong takes the social responsibility to safeguard the environment by taking small actions. In late 2021, we supported the “International Coastal Cleanup 2021 Hong Kong”, a global event initiated by the Ocean Conservancy and coordinated locally by the Green Council in Hong Kong. Ricoh management and staff attended the Cleanup Day to remove marine debris from Lung Kwu Beach in Tuen Mun. The engagement were effective in increasing public awareness of the debris issue in Hong Kong marine environment prompting for behavioral change to reduce waste.

International Coastal Cleanup 2021 Hong KongInternational Coastal Cleanup 2021 Hong Kong

Social engagement

As a large employer in Hong Kong, we feel it part of our remit to give back to society – and particularly to engage with disadvantaged or vulnerable members of the community through a number of volunteering activities. In 2019, our efforts were lauded by the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, who presented us with a “Certificate of Appreciation – Long Service Award” at their Volunteer Recognition Ceremony.

Community initiatives

At Ricoh, we undertake a number of community initiatives each year to provide opportunities for some of our most talented youngsters in Hong Kong. For a number of years, we have been an active supporter of the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s CUHK Golf Day, which has raised more than HK$17 million for good causes, including student scholarships, since it was launched in 2005.

Supplier code of conduct

In 2006, the Ricoh Group made a concerted effort to create a benchmark for a better, more sustainable society and global environment for all. The result was our Supplier Code of Conduct, which contains guidelines that all Ricoh suppliers must adhere to. Many of these are critical to ensuring a sustainable future, such as clauses preventing the use of child labour, and information about environmental conservation.

To download a copy of the Ricoh Supplier Code of Conduct, click here