Agreement Update Support

Rejoin Machine Service Maintenance Scheme

In order to enjoy a cost-effective and best-in-class maintenance service, all customers are welcome to join our maintenance scheme for their Ricoh products.

Please contact our CS hotline 2833 1111. 

Change Customer/ Machine/ Agreement Related Information 

If you want to update us about your new changes related to Customer information, for example, your office address, contact details, company name, etc., please fill in the electronic form to “Request for Change of Customer Information” by clicking this link or use your mobile phone to scan the QR code below.  We’ll review and handle your request as soon as we can.   

Guideline of Changing Customer Related Information

Guideline of Changing Machine Related Information 

Guideline of Changing Agreement Related Information 


If you need assistance in using this online service, you can call our Customer Service at (852) 2833 1111 between 9 am and 5:30 pm on any business day (Monday to Friday).