Make your workplace more vibrant and bring it to life with Wayfinding, a feature included within RICOH Spaces which offers the flexibility to view a live floor plan and book a resource directly from a large format display located in your office.

See where team members are sitting and provide a visual representation of the floor layout for guests and visitors.

Navigate Your Office
Spaces with RICOH Spaces Wayfinding

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You can easily integrate your office maps into the Wayfinding system, making it quick and easy to navigate your workplaces.

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Provide employees with a modern workplace experience
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Effortlessly view live floor plans with real-time resource availability
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Simply use your mobile device to sign in with a QR code
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View live occupancy counts to gain insights using IoT sensors
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Easily search and find desks, rooms, zones, and people
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Instantly view and book desks and meeting rooms
Icon - multiple buildings 
Quickly view multiple buildings or floors
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Rapidly configure Wayfinding using the most interactive or touch-free displays

Experience a Frictionless Journey Through Your Office Space

Display your digital floor plan on any screen to put your visitors and employees at ease and give them a frictionless journey through your office, ensuring that they leave with a positive experience.

  • Simple and effective wayfinding

  • Remove unnecessary anxiety for visitors and employees

  • View key office areas, such as toilets or fire exits

  • Integrate with digital signage to include local news, weather, travel, and more

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