Breckenridge Grand Vacations manages high turnover rate with HR Automation

13 Apr 2018


Burdened by high turnover rate

Breckenridge Grand Vacations is a timeshare resort group in Colorado, US with 400 employees and a 50% staff turnover rate. Using HR Automation solution from Laserfiche, it turned a hiring process that used to involve a great deal of manual effort into a quick and painless process.

Closer to home in Hong Kong where our economy is mostly service-based with a combined output that is 57.2% of our GDP(1), many local businesses have to deal with a similar problem of high staff turnover rates.

Whatever the reason behind the high turnover, one thing is for sure. It places a major burden on the HR administration process. From processing recruitment applications to new hire onboarding, information needs to be collected accurately and circulated to many departments for approval, all in a very timely fashion.

It is therefore worth looking at how automation can free HR at your company from mundane and repetitive tasks, so they focus on what they do best: getting the best staff to serve your clients.

Breckenridge before and after HR automation

Prior to using Laserfiche Forms, new hire data was collected using an Excel spreadsheet, which was then printed and circulated to IT, Finance and HR for their records and signature approval in order to open various accounts for new hires to function.

In industries where the turnover rate is high by nature, companies must process all this information in a very short time. As you can imagine, an Excel spreadsheet printed for manual circulation can be slow and error-prone, creating a lot of unnecessary work and using up a lot of time.

Using Laserfiche Forms, a user-friendly web-based form was created.

This form is built to be error proof so users cannot enter incorrect information. The information collected is then immediately circulated through an automated, multi-level approval process with stakeholder notifications in the form of an email, so stakeholders can simply reply "approve" or "reject".

Benefits of HR Automation

Automating the new hire process with Laserfiche Forms has resulted in the following benefits for Breckenridge Grand Vacations:

  • The HR and IT departments receive information that is always correct, complete and timely so that everything is ready before the new hires first day.
  • The forms can be built The forms can be built by an HR technician, who can also make changes without having to wait for assistance from the IT department.
  • Direct approval allows managers who travel between locations to approve new hire forms quickly from their email inbox without having to log into the Laserfiche Forms themselves.
  • Employee information is more secure—there is no longer the possibility of a form being lost on the way to another location or accidentally viewed by an unauthorized person.

(1) Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics, May 2017, Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


Based on the original case study from Laserfiche titled "How Breckenridge Grand Vacations Automated HR Onboarding with Laserfiche Forms". Certain part of the content is reused with permission from Laserfiche.