Recycling products and consumables

Used product removal services

According to “Product Eco-Responsibility Ordinance”, customers who purchase Ricoh multifunction printers, printers, scanners, computers or monitors can request free removal service for the used electrical appliances. Click here to read more. 

Recycling consumables

Our consumable recycling program is free to our customers as part of our goal to reach zero waste-to-landfill. Setting the industry benchmark, the program has recycled over tones of toner cartridges. The program offers a free pickup service for current Ricoh customers when we deliver new toner to your office.

The Ricoh consumables recycling program, in operation since 2001, has set the benchmark for sustainable business practices within the industry. In the program, 
the collected toner cartridges will be recycled or cleaned and re-manufactured in our factory to produce new toner cartridges. Also, we collect spent parts and reclaims the plastic and metal for reuse, effectively reducing waste in the process.



What to do for Collection:

  1. Remove the specified used bottles or cartridge from the machine and place it into the plastic bag of the new Ricoh toner bottles or cartridge and seal the plastic bag.
  2. Put the plastic bag with the used bottle or cartridge in the new bottle or cartridge box together with other packaging materials. Seal the box with tape.
  3. Call Ricoh collection hotline at 2833-1111 for our FREE collection service* Our delivery team will collect your used bottle or cartridge when we deliver your new order. Please keep several bottles or cartridges for one time collection.

Recycling Machines and Parts

We’ve always been ahead of the pack – we were recycling our machines and parts before there were regulations to do it.

We don’t want our products ending up in landfill, so our recycling program covers end of life devices and spare parts from Ricoh devices or any third party machines. Since the program started, over 180 tones of devices have been recycled into reusable materials.

Ricoh is dedicated to perform the full-scale collection of all used machines to reduce waste. Old machines are collected to our workshop for checking and we will refurbish machines to prolong their lifecycle whenever possible.


Recycling Machines and Parts