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RICOH Enhanced Locked Print NX

When confidentiality is critical, you need a solution that keeps information secure

Keep track and manage how sensitive information is handled. RICOH Enhanced Locked Print NX keeps information secure, encrypts stored files and only prints documents once authorised.

  • Documents can’t be collected by anyone accidentally
  • Encryption adds an extra layer of security
  • Log on at the printer and choose the document to print
  • Delete unwanted print jobs at the printer

Encrypt all data, ensure security

With Enhanced Locked Print, all documents are secured by default. In order to print, you need to sign on with an optional card reader or log in manually at the printer. Information is not left sitting uncollected in paper trays. You can also add FlexRelease to add the convenience of printing from any printer on the network. Encryption ensures security can’t be breached.

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  1. Security by default
    Documents are only released at a printer once you login at the device
  2. Reduce costs
    Eliminates the waste associated with uncollected printing
  3. Add convenience with card readers
    The Card Authentication Package speeds up sign-on and printing with a faster log in
  4. Safe for later
    Print jobs are stored on the designated multifunction printer and retained when the device is powered off