PDFHub is an online PDF tool set which provides user a quick tool for creating and editing pdf files as well as converting files, including image and Microsoft Office documents, into PDF files. Functions include OCR, Document Comparison, Export (to Word, Excel & PowerPoint), Business Card Reader, QR Code Generation., etc. PDFHub supports for both PC and mobile phone, users could perform personal or office work at any place with internet access.

All the functions mentioned above could work independently and also perform in desired sequence in order create more powerful functionalities.

The quick PDF solution with easy and instant access

  • OCR

    OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows you to convert image file to a searchable format. Supported languages include English and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

  • Document Comparison

    It enables you to quickly track changes, validate the documents’ integrity, or prevent fraud. Together with the OCR function, you could then compare two paper-based documents or electronic documents. This function is not only saving your manual effort but also minimizing human error by highlighting all the differences between documents in an intelligent manner.

  • Online PDF editing

    You may not always need to edit a PDF document. However, once a while, you may need to fill in a form, sign the document, etc. With PDFHub, you could do everything online without installing any application that you might just use it once a while.

  • Export output to various formats

    The result from OCR or online editing could be exported. The resulting text can be exported as a plain text or as a document in the requested format, i.e. Ms Words, Excel, Power Point or PDF.

  • Business Card Reader

    Ready-to-use business card recognition function is provided in PDFHub and it can be directly used for recognition of business cards. Data of multiple name cards could be captured at once.

  • QR Code Generation

    It allows users to generate and print QR codes.

  • Handwriting Removal
    This module can automatically remove any unwanted handwritings from the scanned documents. For example, you can use this function to revert the filled form to its original blank status. It supports different languages including English and Chinese.
  • Recognition of Common Bills and Receipts (HK)
    The following common bill and receipt types can be recognized using this module: Towngas, CLP, HK Electric and taxi receipt.
  • Recognition of Common Bills and Receipts (CN)
    The following common bill and receipt types can be recognized using this module: V.A.T., taxi receipt, train ticket, bus ticket, airplane ticket, ETC invoice.

Key Advantages:

  • No software installation is needed
  • Supports both PC and Mobile
  • A perfect WFH software solution for various users in their daily works. Simply login and use it anytime, anywhere with internet connection
  • Friendly user interface virtually requires no training. Just two simple clicks to use any functionalities like OCR, Document Comparison, PDF Editing and Multiple Business Cards Reading
  • Adopted world-class OCR engine to provide excellent recognition accuracy
  • Works with files in many document formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF as well as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and other image formats to allow comparison of digital originals with their printed versions
  • Reports only "true" changes in content (text changed, deleted, or added) and disregards document formatting alterations to avoid distracting the user’s attention from the "real" changes in content

PDF Editor
Handwriting Removal
Recognition of Common Bills and Receipts (CN)
Document Comparison
Business Card Reader
Recognition of Common Bills and Receipts (HK)