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Remark Office OMR

Design, scan, analyze.

Remark Office OMR is a Windows-based software package, which applies Optical Mark Recognition Technology that processes surveys, tests, questionnaires and other office forms without manual data entry. It can read the completed questionnaires, displaying the recognized data in a spreadsheet style grid. Once the data has been collected, it can perform analysis function or export the data to other analysis programme.

High Flexibility - No Pre-printed form!

  • The system enables users to use favourite word processor to create forms.
  • The data can be exported to over 30 file formats for further analysis.

Fast and accurate

  • Data can be fast recognized by high-speed document scanner.
  • Data accuracy is highly improved by eliminating manual data entry.

User friendly

  • Easy for end-user. Less Training cost and time is required.

Fast retrieval and cost saving in storage

  • MC Paper/Questionnaire can be saved as image file and can be easily retrieved

Save resources in manpower, time and money

  • No need to employ staff for data entry



  • MC Exam Paper, Questionnaire, Course Evaluation Survey, Activities Form, Ballot Form and Order Form


  • Market Research, Appraisal, Aptitude Test, Assessment Test, Training Evaluation...