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Open Bee Portal Cloud

Open Bee Digital Platform enables your organization to roll out new business processes through cohesive document capture and management solutions. Open Bee Digital Platform is all about giving you the ability to get away from costly and unproductive paper-based processes by implementing a new and better way of managing information.


The Cloud environment further benefits you:
  • Improve content accessibility. Enable work anywhere, work on-the-go.
  • Enjoy enterprise grade infrastructure and security
  • Scalable to your business growth
  • Offload the ownership and management of the hardware and software to us
Open Bee features
Cloud and on-premise version comparison:
  Cloud On-Premise
Deployment Fast and easy deployment, simply plug in the key and play Hardware must be accommodated, deployed, software installed and configured to work within your environment.
Capital Expenditure No upfront capital expenditure. Considerable upfront costs to purchase licenses and hardware.
Cost of Ownership Fixed, low cost subscription that allows you to budget predictably. On top of hardware and license costs, you will have to bear the ongoing administration costs for headcount, training staff, and the need to purchase additional hardware if your usage increases.
IT Administration Minimal daily administration requirements. Once tuned for your organization, daily administration and routine maintenance are performed by the provider. Substantial daily administration, typically requiring dedicated IT resources.
Scalability Flexible ability to add users when required. Scalability requires additional hardware and licensing
Mobile Users Secure for access anywhere through mobile app. Additional security elements are required to support mobile users.
Enterprise Security Best of Breed security in Microsoft Azure:
  1. Compliance with Information Security ISO 27001, 27018.
  2. Data Backup and Recovery
  3. 7x24 Security Monitoring
And more
In-house staff is needed to manage security systems and optimize them for the best performance.
Bandwidth Spam and Web threats are blocked in the cloud, saving you bandwidth and server resources. Additional solutions are needed to block filter spam and web threat but efficiency is not guaranteed.