Ricoh declares June as Global SDGs Action Month

31 May 2024

Raising employee awareness towards diversity, equity, inclusion and undertaking DEI initiatives to accelerate SDGs Action-business alignment

TOKYO, May 31, 2024 – Ricoh has once again declared June as “Global SDGs Action Month” to inspire and empower its employees to contribute to SDGs through related activities, aligned with Ricoh’s management to sustainably enhance corporate value through resolving social issues. This Groupwide initiative aims to create a strong sense of unity and further drive Ricoh's contribution to SDGs.

This year marks the 19th anniversary since its 2006 launch. Initially, the annual initiative was held around the World Environment Day on June 5th, and called “Global Ricoh Eco Action,” to encourage employees to think and act about the environment and take eco actions. In 2019, the initiative name was renewed to the current “Global SDGs Action Month” and has been a forum for employees to think and act in unison, not only on eco-action such as global warming countermeasures to realize a zero-carbon society, but also on solutions to a wide range of social issues.

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For the Ricoh Group, each employee must be able to actively contribute and generate innovation to become a more robust organization that drives the sustainable development of society. Based on this philosophy, Ricoh has positioned Diversity and Inclusion as one of its management strategies.

Given how essential Equity is in providing support and resources to meet each person's different challenges and situations, Ricoh has been accelerating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives since 2023 to create an inclusive corporate culture where diverse employees thrive. Aligned with the Global SDGs Action Month 2024 theme of DEI, Ricoh will focus on Equity during the month under the message of "What is Equity?" by helping employees grasp the meaning of Equity and using case studies from Ricoh initiatives and everyday life to deepen their understanding of Equity.

Akira Oyama, President and CEO, says: “DEI is closely tied to who we are and to our business. Through the month-long celebration of our achievements and renewed dedication to the SDGs through the Global SDGs Action Month, I firmly believe that each of us at Ricoh can lay the groundwork for innovation and drive business success by fostering an inclusive environment where all those differences are valued and each employee feels engaged.”

Ricoh Global SDGs Action 2024 Overview

June 1–30, 2024

"Understanding DEI and undertaking DEI initiatives to accelerate SDGs Action-business alignment"

Global common activities

  • Stories of Ricoh's DEI Initiatives - "Fulfillment through Work" to each of us
    By introducing the thoughts and actions of employees who are working on DEI at each company and division within the Ricoh Group, the activity aims to deepen employees' understanding of DEI and create the opportunity to take action.
  • Internal interactive event: Building bridges - Individual action for diversity, equity, inclusion
    Through Step 1 (Awareness: bingo game to find equity around participants) and Step2 (Understanding and taking action: workshop), the event aims to reflect on daily actions and understand that each employee's mindset and actions can create opportunities for diverse employees to be included and shine with equity.
  • Why DEI Matters - Top Management's Commitment and Passion
    By sharing the leaders' thoughts on DEI, employees are encouraged to enhance understanding towards DEI and accelerate overall Ricoh group DEI initiatives.
  • SDGs Penetration Survey
    All global employees invited to participate in this survey about the connection between their own work and the SDGs.

Regional activities

  1. Japan
    • Hold seminars and workplace discussions and encourage all employees to make DEI declarations
  2. Europe
    • Share the importance of DEI to the Ricoh business and its people, through articles and videos
    • Encourage employees across EMEA operating companies to share their stories about why DEI is important to them on the new SDGs Action Month internal social media community.
  3. North America
    • Ricoh's SDG and DEI story showcase through thought leadership, customer successes, and Ricoh's rich history of inclusivity and leading-edge sustainable innovation.
    • Celebrations of World Environment Day, Pride Month, Juneteenth (U.S.), and National Indigenous History Month (Canada) to feature the SDGs in action across the region.
    • Celebrate and promote the introduction of industry-first Sustainability Services Dashboard, empowering companies to measure, report, and reduce their Scope 3 carbon emissions.
  4. Latin America
    • Launch an Equity microlearning
  5. Asia Pacific
    • Offer e-learning courses and an Equity video for employees
    • Launch DEI & World Environment Day and share employees the management message and inspiration on DEI-Coastal clean-up activity at Las Pinas-Paranaque Wetland Park
    • Share short videos where ten of Ricoh Singapore colleagues demonstrate how to say simple greetings in their languages to foster deeper understanding and appreciation of different culture among employees
    • Donation of Ricoh Scooter docks made from recycled Ricoh toner/machines to The Kindness Collective in New Zealand to help schools and children impacted by economic crisis

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