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Ricoh’s integrated cloud-based digital signage solution enables you to deliver targeted messaging to your employees and customers through digital screens. Our easy-to-use solution empowers you to create and manage content from any location, ensuring that your messages are timely and relevant.

With Ricoh, you can transform the way you communicate and engage with your audience.

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Digital Signage for Flexible Workspaces

  • Use digital displays to build an internal communication framework from any digital source

  • Intelligently curate content and display within your workplace wherever people are working

  • Build employee engagement and harness the power of your communication to reach employees and visitors

The Power of Digital Signage

Digital Signage can be used to supercharge your internal communications for things like:



KPIs, Dashboards, Leaderboards, Infographics



Company, Social Media, Industry, Mainstream Media, Weather, Sports, Stocks



Directory, Wayfinding, Meeting Rooms, Desk Booking, Menus


Events and marketing

Town Halls, Video Streaming



Birthdays, Employee Recognition, Work Anniversaries, New Joiners, Meet the Team, Benefits, Fun and Social Activities, Polls



Compliance, New Products, Upskilling, Best Practice


Multipurpose screens

Combine company messages, newsfeeds, and RICOH Spaces floorplans in your office communications.

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Effective Visitor

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View and analyse trends of your visitor traffic over time.

  • See how many visitors are on-site at any given time

  • Analyse past data to spot future trends and predict when you can expect your reception to be most busy

  • Understand who your most popular host is

Visitor Management features include:

  • Pre-book visitors

  • Pre-built form customisation

  • Touchless sign-in

  • Daily access pass

  • Visitor desk assignment

  • Bulk import visitors

  • Visitor insights.


Visitor Management

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