Environmental compliances

Environment Management System

We're proud to adopt international standards of best practice. Ricoh Hong Kong is certified in ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system.

Our ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management certification cover the systems for the sustainability of all activities undertaken by Ricoh Hong Kong– including sales, distribution, service, technical support for optimizing customer use of Ricoh devices.

RHK Environmental policy Accordion

Basic Policy

Based on our management principles, we recognize environmental conservation as one of the most important missions given to mankind, and we regard environmental conservation as an integral element in all our business activities. We, therefore, assume responsibility for environmental conservation and approach this on a companywide basis.

Action Guideline

  1. We are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance.
  2. We commit to comply with applicable local environmental legal and other requirements, and also set our own targets to reduce stress on the environment in consideration of social expectations and we endeavor to attain our targets.
  3. We commit to protect the environment, through prevention of pollution, utilizing energy and resources effectively and to reduce and dispose of waste products in a responsible manner.
  4. We offer environmentally friendly products and technologies that will give increased value to our customers and will promote the use of technology to reduce environmental impact.
  5. Through environmental education, we strive to raise awareness of all our employees in order to develop a social viewpoint that enables them to conduct environmental activities under their own responsibility.
  6. We shall promote the use of environmentally friendly practices through influence of both suppliers and customers.
  7. We maintain close ties with the local communities, and we contribute to society by publicizing our activities and assisting environmental conservation activities.
  8. We promote actively 4Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace.

Green Office & Eco-Healthy Workplace

Ricoh Hong Kong is being recognised by the World Green Organisation for their effort to ‘green’ the offices by awarding Ricoh with WGO’s “Green Office” label and “Eco-Healthy Workplace” label in Dec 2021. 

The program's objective is to raise local business awareness of the global environmental challenges addressed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), to support offices and retailers to go Green in 8 stipulated aspects of operations. Around 150 feasible green criteria are grouped into the following 8 categories: Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Waste Reduction, Paperless, Green Procurement, Integrated Environmental Management , Education and Awareness & Green Innovation. Ricoh Hong Kong have successfully met the requirements of this programme and the office has passed the green audit.

For details of the award, please visit WGO website : https://thewgo.org/website/eng/green-office-background/ 

Participation in Shell’s Accelerate to Zero programme

Accelerate to Zero programme from Shell

To take a further step to offset our CO2 footprint, Ricoh Hong Kong has participated in the Accelerate to Zero programme from Shell. Through this programme, Shell helps to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions from our fleet through the purchase of carbon credits from a portfolio of carefully chosen nature-based projects – such as forest developments or grassland preservation projects – that capture and store carbon from the atmosphere. Ricoh had received the certificate for our contribution to compensate 22 tonnes of CO2e1 emissions between August to December of 2021.