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Cisco Meraki Secure Remote Access Solution

Our enterprise-level/professional cyber security system provides a safe and stable network connectivity for you to keep up with the trend of remote work

By merging the elements of cyber security and VPN, the secure remote access program by Ricoh and Cisco Meraki provides a safe and stable network connectivity regardless of time and region.

Excellent remote working experience

With a safe and stable network connectivity, both internal works and external communications can be easily handled with complete confidentiality.

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  1. Smart Operation
    When numerous devices are connected, the built-in SD WAN system function will automatically set priorities to the key data flow so that balanced load can be achieved and the high internet speed can be maintained.
  2. Service hotline
    If you have any problems on the activation of our service/program, you can call the Ricoh Meraki special service hotline for enquiries. If necessary, Ricoh will also send technician to provide on-site technical support. You can rest assured to use our service/program.    
  3. Automatic peer-to-peer
    After connecting your own network with your company server by Z-Series tool, you will feel no difference between remote working and staying in your office.