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Cloud assessment

Ricoh Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA) is an in-depth and comprehensive analysis to get you ready to move your workload to Cloud .

Customised Cloud Readiness Assessment is step 2 in Ricoh’s cloud advisory services.

Our industry-leading experts:

  • Discover – understand your workload and migration needs
  • Envision – actual pricing and ROI projections
  • Organise – detailed planning including architectural dependencies, migration plans and risk analysis.

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Cloud consulting experts use industry-leading assessment frameworks to:

  1. Gain full visibility of your on-premises workload
  2. Identify workloads to migrate
  3. Project actual pricing and ROI
  4. Map out architectural dependencies
  5. Create a migration plan
  6. Analyse possible case scenarios

Choose your CRA package

You stay in control by choosing your CRA package before we start the assessment process.

   Standard  Enterprise
Analyse and model on-premises virtual or physical machines   YES  YES
 Calculate TCO per workload in Cloud  YES  YES
 Evaluate performance for each workload  YES  YES
 Advise on procurement options  YES  YES
 Map resources in cloud by workload performance or on-premises hardware  YES  YES
 Develop a customised migration strategy    YES
 Discover your applications and develop migration plan    YES
 Architectural representations for smart decision-making    YES
 Risk management – analysis of scenarios    YES