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RICOH Streamline NX V3 Secure Print Option

Keep your document security confidential across large offices

Document handling can be a source of information loss and leaks. The Secure Print Option can be added to RICOH Streamline NX V3, to keep data locked tight, but accessible to those who need it.
  • Cut paper costs
  • Securely print from mobile devices
  • Encrypt data for consistent security
  • Accountability is ingrained with user authentication
  • Limit access to critical information

Reduce unclaimed print jobs

You might have staff accessing files they shouldn’t, or leaving print jobs sitting on paper trays. By adding user authentication, through the Secure Print Option, to Ricoh Streamlne NX V3, you’ll improve how information is shared across your workplace while keeping your data secure. Print jobs are held in the print server until it’s released by an authorised person. Unwanted jobs can be deleted from the server, reducing printing costs. Information is encrypted at all times as well. You can also release print jobs securely using your mobile device for added convenience.

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  1. Release jobs easily
    Use your iOS, Android or Windows smartphone or tablet to release jobs
  2. No uncollected print jobs
    Documents are only released at a printer once you log in at the device
  3. Always encrypted
    Data is encrypted everywhere, even when in transit or on the hard drive
  4. Automatically delete print jobs
    Print jobs are stored in the print queue and can be deleted after a set time for added security