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Kofax® AutoStore®

Distributed Scanning Solution

A document solution that moves information faster

Information is only worthwhile if you have exactly what you need, when you need it most. Every error or delay is costly. So why not try to reduce them? With Kofax® AutoStore® document management software, you can automate how you manage paper and electronic documents to reduce manual steps and clerical errors. You can create custom document workflows and capture, store and access information automatically — with a single touch of a button.

Document capture technology uses your current devices in a new way

Make the most of your technology investment. Capture paper and electronic documents from Ricoh networked MFPs, FTP sites, Microsoft Office® applications and more, and integrate them into the line of business applications you use every day. The documents are scanned and converted to your preferred format automatically with preconfigured workflows.

Document routing and storage helps make information accessible

Every person in your organization makes decisions, so make sure they have the information they need. Whether you're sending files via a wide range of scan-to functions, storing it in an electronic database or routing documents to SharePoint®, you can do it quickly with fewer steps and higher accuracy using Kofax® AutoStore®  document management software.

Add real-time decision-making to your daily routine

Don't just keep up with your opponents, but also lead the pack and get information to make key decisions. For example, with an electronic discharge program, healthcare organizations can fully automate the discharge process to reduce delays, eliminate costly and tedious paperwork, and increase customer satisfaction-all from the moment a patient's handband is scanned.

Keep some information to yourself

You don't need to share everything. Restrict access to sensitive or confidential information to only authorized personnel with user authentication. Add encryption to protect documents while they're distributed. Use password protection to limit who can read the PDFs you send. Encourage audit reporting to support compliance with laws, regulations and other policies. And do it all without compromising existing security infrastructure, including firewalls and data loss prevention investments.