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RICOH TotalFlow Prep

Take the legwork out of prepress job preparation

Turn client supplied files into print-ready PDFs, quickly. RICOH TotalFlow Prep is a software solution to automate a range of prepress tasks, reducing errors and delays.

With an easy to use interface, you can preview output, change imposition settings and layouts in real time. Automatically complete frequent tasks for high quality results more quickly.

Meet deadlines, improve bottom lines

With TotalFlow Prep, print jobs are delivered more easily and with time to spare. A wide range of imposition settings tools help reduce paper waste. Preview every print job to catch mistakes before they’re printed, and make last minute edits with a few clicks. Route jobs to printers automatically based on print and media capabilities.

  1. Combine files and formats
    Merge hardcopy and digital files into one print ready PDF
  2. Tab management
    Easily move, add, replace or eliminate tabs
  3. Last minute changes
    Edit print files in real time to handle last minute changes
  4. Reduce errors and waste
    Preview print jobs and prevent mistakes before they add to costs
  5. Visual ticketing
    Use visual ticketing to easily share data across your entire print team