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RICOH TotalFlow Producer

Optimise your production print process from start to finish

RICOH TotalFlow Producer is a cloud-based workflow solution providing simple, easy-to-use tools for end-to-end production workflow without the need for expensive upfront investments. 

Regardless of vendor, this SaaS solution can automate the submission and consolidation of jobs from multiple sources and feed them to any hot folder or printer. Additionally, it offers the preflight automation of jobs, PDF editing capability, real-time job tracking, and more.

Seamless integration

Thanks to its vendor-agnostic design, RICOH TotalFlow Producer enables businesses to easily integrate their software and hardware solutions via hot folders and manage all tasks via a centralised dashboard.


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  1. Workflow agility
    Receive job submissions from multiple sources, including email, web-to-print, and SFTP
  2. Cost-effective
    SaaS subscription model lowers upfront costs and assures access to the latest software updates
  3. “Touchless” performance  
    Rules-based automations reduce manual tasks and improve productivity
  4. Faster turnarounds
    Easy to set up and use client portals reduce post-job submission follow-up times
  5. Improved communication 
    Simplified PDF annotations foster bi-directional communication 
  6. Centralised control and visibility  
    Production workflows and operations are combined into one easy-to-access cloud repository