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RICOH InfoPrint XT

Migrate legacy Xerox applications to an open, flexible architecture

If you are still using aging Xerox printers with proprietary datastreams like LCDS and Metacode, there’s a strong chance that your options for using and managing information are limited. 

RICOH InfoPrint XT frees your data by converting Xerox resources and commands into the open, industry-standard Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) architecture. You don’t need to change your original Xerox data or employ a full-time programmer who knows the Xerox proprietary coding language.

Modernise your business communications

Once you’ve migrated to AFP with RICOH InfoPrint XT, you will have all the tools needed to improve document appearance and increase the effectiveness of communications.

You can also simplify print operations by using a single datastream for workgroup, continuous feed, and cutsheet printers from any vendor.


  1. Comprehensive tools  
    Convert Xerox fonts, forms, and images into equivalent AFP resources with no loss of fidelity
  2. Add vibrant colour  
    Migrate Xerox highlight colour applications to full-colour with high-quality Ricoh production printers
  3. Smooth migration  
    AFP is governed by a consortium of industry vendors so you can rely on an architecture that works
  4. Streamline printing  
    Solution can be fine-tuned so it’s just right for you and your applications