The statement and measures regarding the Novel coronavirus from Ricoh

15 Jul 2020

First published February 12, 2020
Date of current status July 15, 2020 


Dear Customer,

We would like to keep you informed about our operations during the outbreak of novel coronavirus. We have been placing utmost importance in the processes and arrangements to ensure our non-stop service to your company with the safety measures. We understand that the products and services which we have provided to you are critical to your business.

Here are some of the measures that we have done and implemented:

  • Service engineers will call customer contact to reconfirm service time and any special requirements before arrival.
  • All field staff are provided with and wear surgical masks when performing duty at your office. Before entering into your premises, he/she will observe any health measures of yours and rub hands with the hand sanitizer.
  • We will closely monitor health condition of engineers every day and only assign service jobs to engineers who are in good health condition.
  • All staff are required to be quarantined for 14 days if
  • They have close contact with infected and/or suspected infected persons.
  • They are living in the same building of infected cases.
  • We have established a Health and Safety Committee to closely monitor the current situation.
  • Our workplace is following the preventive measures in the workplace outlined in the Health Advice on Prevention of Coronavirus in Workplace by Centre for Health Protection of HKSAR government.

We are always committed to providing the ease-of-mind service to you. As a courtesy reminder, customers are encouraged to wear surgical mask when our field engineers perform duty at your office to protect both yourself and the engineers.  You can also use our Remote Services under this circumstance as an alternative solution. We will continue to monitor the situation and you can visit our website or our Facebook Fan Page if there are any more changes.

Stay safe and healthy!


Best regards,

Aaron Yim
Managing Director
Ricoh Hong Kong Limited