Ricoh publishes the Ricoh Group ESG Data Book 2020

02 Oct 2020

TOKYO, October 2, 2020 – Ricoh Company, Ltd. announces the publication of the Ricoh Group ESG Data Book 2020, which provides information relating to environmental, social, and governance measures.

Ricoh pursues a sustainable society through a Three Ps Balance—Prosperity (economic), People (society), and Planet (environment). In order to realize this desired society, Ricoh has identified material issues in two areas, “Resolving social issues through business” and “Robust management infrastructure,” set the relevant ESG targets, and endeavor to incorporate them into group-wide efforts.

In addition to the integrated report and corporate website, Ricoh has been publishing the ESG data book as a communication tool to convey the progress of its initiatives to stakeholders since 2019. Based on global trends towards a sustainable society, guidelines for ESG information disclosure, and international ESG indexes, Ricoh has enhanced the contents of its latest report as follows:

  • Basic Data: Post revised materiality and ESG targets in linkage with material issues 
  • Governance: Add executive remuneration system, business risks
  • Environment: Enhance resource conservation and recycling information, including a plastic products policy and recycled plastics amounts, and update TCFD related information
  • Social: Expand the scope of human resources data and add diversity-related information

Ricoh will continually improve the data book to make it easier to understand while referring to stakeholders’ opinions and using it as a communication tool contributing to dialogues with them.

Ricoh Group ESG Data Book 2020