Ricoh Hong Kong Unveils New Hybrid Workplace

19 Sep 2023
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Ricoh Hong Kong is committed to providing innovation across a wide range of business performance areas. It is the market’s trusted expert in intelligent work environment, aiming to achieve more efficient and productive hybrid workplaces. In line with Ricoh's 60th anniversary this year, Ricoh Hong Kong has reached a new milestone by officially announcing the launch of its new hybrid workplace. The workplace solution incorporates a series of products and services that not only allow employees to experience a new hybrid work mode, but also enables visitors to witness the latest cutting-edge professional technologies. This new hybrid workplace is a step on the roadmap towards the personnel-integrated intelligent work environment; it has the potential to serve as a pioneer for the future digital transformation of all offices. Through Ricoh's new hybrid workplace, clients can experience efficient and cost-effective "Hybrid Workplace" consultancy services too, which empower businesses with greater flexibility, efficiency, and expanded business horizons.


Ricoh's New Hybrid Workplace Officially Launches - Innovative Solutions for New Hybrid Working Models

Self HelpFrom left to right: Mr. Satoshi Tsugane (General Manager, Information Technology, Ricoh Asia Pacific Operations Limited), Mr. Aaron Yim (Managing Director of Ricoh Hong Kong), Mr. Ricky Chong (Chief Operating Officer of Ricoh Hong Kong)

Ricoh has always focused on connecting people, processes, and technology, allowing businesses to focus on moving forward. Therefore, the workplace has been established to provide employees with a more comfortable, inspiring and collaborative hybrid workplace, enabling them to explore more opportunities and leverage company strengths. Since 2017, Ricoh has been striving to optimize workplaces. This newly created hybrid workplace saves a typical customer up to 30% of traditional office space and converts over 60% of fixed working areas into shared spaces. These shared spaces can be transformed into different meeting configurations according to employee needs, such as smart pods, large conference rooms, townhall, recreational facilities, etc., providing versatile collaboration opportunities. The new facilities within the hybrid workplace include a range of smart devices, such as an intelligent visitor management system, which not only allows visitors to pre-register and provides a secure access system and convenient visitor identification, but also offers employees the smoothest digital experience.

Ricoh believes that the appropriate hybrid workplace solution can meet employees' needs for flexibility, agility and mobility, but also ensure business continuity through security, compliance, and unified programs. This new hybrid workplace is equipped with modern smart meeting rooms that provide advanced meeting technology and facilities, enabling employees to collaborate efficiently with teams remotely. Considering that video conferences and meetings have become an essential part of teams’ work after the COVID-19 pandemic, advanced video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, and meeting room solutions allow employees in different meeting rooms to join video conferences simultaneously. This enables each employee to easily connect and collaborate across teams, times and locations, enhancing business flows and employee well-being.

During today’s opening ceremony, Mr. Aaron Yim, Managing Director of Ricoh Hong Kong Limited, said, "We are delighted to gather here today with our esteemed customers and business partners to witness the grand opening of Ricoh's new hybrid workplace. This new workplace is equipped with various high-end digital technologies and systems, with the aim of enhancing employee engagement and promoting a more dynamic work mode, together addressing the needs and challenges of the company. We hope to inspire our customers through this opportunity, integrating top-notch professional technologies into their businesses. Today’s ceremony marks an important milestone for Ricoh, and we are honoured to grow and create the future together with all of you."


Enhanced Collaboration through Hybrid Workplace Facilities - Empowering Employees to Boost Productivity

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For every enterprise, innovation stems from communication and collaboration among different parties. Ricoh hopes to utilize the workplace as opportunities for more collaboration, learning and innovation, enabling employees to experience the importance of communication with colleagues. Spaces provide comfortable lounges, discussion areas and smart idea-generating labs, offering employees a place to share ideas and inspire creativity. 


Leveraging Technology to Provide Interactive Experiences, Balancing ESG Elements to Facilitate Sustainable Growth

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In addition to an innovative working environment, Ricoh also provides environmentally-friendly and reusable software and hardware design options for its redesigned hybrid workplace, promoting resources reuse. The townhall within the hybrid workplace offers employees a place to hold meetings, training sessions and events. Moreover, the hybrid workplace includes recreational facilities such as exercise bikes, table tennis table, and vending machines. These facilities not only greatly enhance connections between employees and their sense of belonging to the company but also provide a more enjoyable work environment, upholding work-life balance.

To protect the environment and achieve sustainable development, the company encourages employees to actively engage in waste sorting and resource recycling. Furthermore, intelligent lighting systems are widely used in the hybrid workplace to save energy and reduce energy consumption. To empower employees to easily control their working environment, Ricoh has also launched the Ricoh Staff App, which automates the management of lighting, monitors indoor air quality, and collects carbon emission information. This ensures that employees work in a healthy and comfortable environment, with easy access and control over multiple devices and programs within the hybrid workplace using their smartphones. Through these sustainable facilities and measures, Ricoh is committed to achieving efficient resources allocation, reducing environmental impact, and providing employees with a healthy, comfortable, and sustainable workplace.

The opening of Ricoh's new hybrid workplace signifies a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and employee well-being. This new office environment will provide a platform that facilitates communication, inspires innovation, and enables sustainable development for Ricoh. The new Ricoh hybrid workplace is now open for corporate clients to visit, reservations can be made online at: