Ricoh Awarded Silver Class Recognition in Sustainability Ratings by S&P Global

15 Feb 2021

TOKYO, February 15, 2021 – Ricoh was selected for the Silver Class in the sustainability ratings by S&P Global, an American company and one of the world’s leaders in socially responsible investment (SRI) assessments.

Sustainability Award Silver Class 2021 - S&P Global

Each year, the S&P Global assesses the sustainability of approximately 3,500 major companies worldwide in the three areas of Economy, Environment, and Society, and announces the companies that are included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices. S&P Global recognizes those selected for outstanding sustainability efforts by granting Gold, Silver, and Bronze Class awards in each industry group.

Ricoh is included in the Computers & Peripherals and Office Electronics category, which had one Gold Class company selected and four Silver Class companies selected. In the industry, Ricoh obtained the industry’s best score in 11 categories: Codes of Business Conduct, Supply Chain Management, Tax Strategy, Information Security, Innovation Management, Environmental Reporting, Environmental Policy & Management Systems, Climate Strategy, Social Reporting, Human Rights, and Human Capital Development, representing a Silver Class ranking for this year.

Ricoh has identified seven material issues, set 14 ESG priority targets, and incorporated them into the Group’s business strategies. Ricoh will contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals agreed upon by the international community by solving social issues through business and realizing a sustainable society.

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