RHK celebrates 60th anniversary with successful Hybrid Workplace Forum 

Ricoh Hong Kong (RHK) marked its 60th anniversary by successfully hosting the Hybrid Workplace Forum 2023 (HWF 2023). The event, targeted at external customers, was held at a prestigious 5-star hotel in the heart of Hong Kong, showcasing Ricoh's commitment to shaping the future of work.

The forum, one of the most significant events organised to commemorate RHK's milestone, centred around the theme "Reborn: Setting Your Hybrid Team Up for Success in 2023 Ahead." 

With a focus on the evolving nature of work and the impact of emerging technologies, the event aimed to provide valuable insights to attendees.

Steven of Ricoh APACSteven Burger, General Manager of Marketing, Ricoh APAC & LA.

Steven Burger, General Manager of Marketing, Ricoh APAC & Latin America, graced the occasion by physically attending the event as a valued representative of Ricoh’s regional operations. He delivered the keynote address, outlining Ricoh's vision for the future of work and the company's commitment to supporting organisations in navigating the hybrid workplace landscape.

The forum featured influential experts who shared their perspectives on various aspects of the hybrid workplace.  

Michael of PwCMichael Cheng from PwC.

Michael Cheng, a representative from PwC, shed light on the "How, Where, Why, and Who" of the hybrid workplace, emphasising the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in shaping the future of work.

Jason of RSMJason Yau from RSM Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Jason Yau of RSM Hong Kong explored the evolution of workflow automation and highlighted the crucial role played by technologies such as virtual reality (VR), 5G, and AI.

Benny of DeloitteBenny Woo from Deloitte.

Benny Woo from Deloitte delved into the topic of "The Future of Work Infrastructure in the Cloud," underscoring the significance of multi-cloud solutions and discussing the five key trends of DevOps that have been impacted by remote working environments.

Panel DiscussionThe panel discussion delved into various issues concerning the hybrid workplace.

Additionally, a panel discussion led by Brian Cheng of KPMG delved into the intricacies of the hybrid workplace, covering areas such as threat landscape, accessibility, people organisations, AI, regulatory issues, and the future of securing cloud and digital infrastructure.

The forum comprised keynote sessions, engaging panel discussions, networking breaks, and a luncheon, providing ample opportunities for sponsors, delegates, and participants to connect and exchange ideas.

These onsite engagement activities further enhanced the overall experience, ensuring a fruitful and memorable event for all attendees.

The success of HWF 2023 can be attributed, in part, to the support of nine valuable partners in Ricoh’s four key areas of expertise. 

PartnersNine valuable partners contributed to the success of the event.

Neat and Logitech, representing the Hybrid Workplace area of expertise, joined hands with Laiye, LaserFiche, and ISL, who focused on Workflow & Automation. Meanwhile, Cisco represented Cloud & IT Infrastructure, joined by CheckPoint, Trend Micro, and Sangfor, who provided valuable insights into the field of Cybersecurity.

With over 200 delegates in attendance, HWF 2023 was hailed as a resounding success. The event not only provided a platform for knowledge sharing and thought leadership but also highlighted RHK’s commitment to driving innovation and empowering its customers.

Looking ahead, RHK remains dedicated to bringing innovative technologies and solutions to its customers, leading them on a transformative journey. The company eagerly anticipates future opportunities to connect and collaborate with customers, continuing to shape the future of work together.