Download the Remote Working Guideline

12 May 2021


Remote working became the most searched workplace keyword of the year. Office is no longer the only workplace - employees are not required to work in a fixed place or with a specific device; they are allowed to work with any personal devices anywhere and anytime. 

Business is like a battlefield - your competitors are ever-evolving, so are the cyber-attackers. Ricoh has established the Network Operations Center to provide assessment and analysis of current threats and vulnerabilities, protecting you from information leakage and intrusion. Our diversified Cloud Services help you securely store and migrate data to the cloud. Ricoh Document Cloud and the Virtual Meeting Collaborations keep your team connected; the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure allows your co-workers to access apps, desktop environment and files, just like working in a physical office. 

Fill in the form now to download your RICOH Remote Working Brochure and learn more about our Smart Workplace Solution. Technology makes remote working easy.