Streamlining Document-Intensive Processes with Enterprise Content Management Outsourcing

03 Jun 2021 Digital Workflow and Automation

Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain

One of the world’s leading air cargo terminals with the highest throughput capacity, innovative technology and a substantial team of skilled engineers.

Since handling massive amount of documents in various formats and maintaining it across silo-systems was ineffective, they needed to implement a workflow system to automate the document management process, reduce human errors and boost productivity.


Streamlining Document-Intensive Processes of Logistics & Supply Chain Industry with Enterprise Content Management Outsourcing



Ricoh’s Enterprise Content Management Outsourcing Services include design services and customized solutions that streamline document-intensive processes to boost productivity, and enable a transition into a less paper-intensive office.

Whether you need to digitize, index and archive your documents, or easily share files among teams, we guarantee that the right technologies will be in place, and highly cost-efficient service will be delivered and backed with industry best practices.



  • Accelerated high-volume document processing times with automated workflow
  • Optimized productivity and saved costs by managing print output
  • Reduced legal and operational risks
  • Tightened data security with password-protected document access, versions control
  • Improved visibility and transparency 

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