Our work: Kum Shing

To tailor an office for Kum Shing, Ricoh created an open and flexible space with numerous informal halls that promote collaboration and interaction among employees.

By leveraging technology for improved productivity and innovation, Ricoh provided a web-based booking software application for Kum Shing. And it helps to simplify the room booking process, maximize the utilization of AV resources (such as projector, board, microphone, video conference solution, etc.) and improve visitor experience with the installation of digital door displays.



  • Construction

Renovation Duration

  • 2.5 months


  • 6,500 sqft

Services and Solutions

  • Workplace design
  • Build and Construction
  • ICT Design (Video Conference, Projector, Meeting Room Solutions, Wifi Network, People Counting)

Feature Designs

  • Open Office
  • Multi-purpose Meeting Room
  • Huddle Area
  • Open Pantry


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