VIVE Smart Lighting Control System

Demands for smart workplace technologies that help facilitate energy savings, employee wellbeing and green offices are on the rise. VIVE by Lutron is a flexible, easy-to-install commercial smart lighting solution designed to reduce energy costs, meet regulatory standards and boost employee productivity. As the authorized distributor of Lutron in Hong Kong, Ricoh is committed to delivering smart workplace services, including smart lighting, IoT automation and smart workplace platforms, empowering you to work smarter by providing quality technology solutions with exceptional standards of customer care.



Why You Need to Consider a Smart Lighting System?

  • Drive Productivity
  • Increase Employee Comfort and Productivity
  • Comply with Regulatory Requirements of BEC 2018, BEAM Plus and LEED
  • Achieve ESG Goals with Energy Savings

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The Power is in the Hands of the User — Green Workplace Requirements Made Easy

With a VIVE wireless smart lighting solution, you can control your offices and commercial buildings seamlessly while optimizing energy costs and enhancing building code compliance with the BEC 2018, BEAM Plus and LEED requirements.

How the Solution Can Help?


    Time Schedules

    • Scheduling provides pre-programmed changes in lighting levels based on time of day
    • Occupancy sensors can be switched on or off anytime anywhere
    • Expand control across multiple building systems with BACnet and API integration

    Occupancy Sensing

    • Wireless controls and sensors can be mounted to any surface without wiring
    • Occupancy / vacancy sensing turns lights on when occupants are in and off when the space is vacated

    Daylight Control

    • Wireless daylight sensors can be mounted to any surface without a back box
    • Daylight harvesting dims or turns off electric lights when daylight is available

Easy-to-Install Wireless Lighting Solution for Retrofits or New Construction


  • Complete wireless solution for commercial market
  • Can save up to 60% of lighting energy
  • Quick installation – up to 70% faster than wired control solutions
  • Code-compliant for new construction and retrofits
  • Easy to install and manage by an App

Design and Install a Vive System in 4 Steps

  • Choose wireless switches / remotes for personal control
  • Choose a wireless occupancy daylight sensor
  • Add smart lighting control modules
  • Add optional intelligence


Mobile App for Facility Managers

Energy Report
Quickly view and display energy-usage information to drive decision making and demonstrate savings.
Use a 365-day calendar to automatically adjust lights based on time of day, including single day and holiday events.

Light Control
Directly adjust the lighting levels.

View proactive alerts that show issues such as low batteries or inactive devices to help improve building maintenance efficiency.