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Fast and convenient. Print anytime and anywhere

  • User-friendly

    JustPrint's printer is simple and easy to use for everyone.

  • Cost Saving

    Designed for all sizes of organizations. Simply download the app to use JustPrint's all-in-one service, no additional hardware is needed. This can greatly reduce various costs.

  • Easy Payment

    JustPrint supports smart payments such as WeChat pay, Alipay and Octopus card without the need to apply for printing cards. The payment process is simple and convenient.

  • Service Support

    JustPrint's service team is committed to providing the best service experience to our customers. Whatever problems you may come across, we take the initiative to resolve it.


  • Combining cloud & printing technology

  • Choose up to 4 ways to upload print documents

  • 24x7 printing service

  • Print from anywhere. Easy and convenient

  • User-friendly interface and operating system

  • Your information is well protected


Print service that meets the needs for different usages

Higher Education

During mid-terms or end of semester, students often spend a long time to queue for print jobs of assignments, reports and proposals. Before printing, students have to secure a computer in the computer room to identify a designated printer. Without a doubt, these steps are nothing but complicated.

With JustPrint's cloud platform technology, students can upload the required files to the cloud platform via PCs, laptops or even phones. They can then select the printer from the nearest location and start printing instantly, making the process less complicated. In addition, students can settle the print charge via smart payments including WeChat Pay, Alipay and Octopus card. This also eliminates the need to acquire a print debit card and top-up procedures, making the printing process much simplified.


Public Services

It is a must to present different ID documents and their copies when handling procedures in various government departments. Sometimes, you may forget to make copies of some documents in advance despite well preparation. Even if there is a printer or a print shop nearby, huge delays may still occur due to problems such as mismatch of business hours or poor maintenance etc. In addition, there are always crowds of citizens queuing up for printing or copying services at public offices which greatly increase the waiting time. When encountering such situation, it is very likely that another appointment will have to be made for further procedure handling. The dragging of your schedule is really annoying.

JustPrint strives to provide quick and easy print and copy services for the public. JustPrint’s printers are user-friendly, simple and straight-forward, making it easy for people from all walks of life to print the document they need. In addition, JustPrint supports payment platforms such as WeChat pay, Alipay, and Octopus Card, enabling convenience in the payment process.


Co-working Space

Serviced office is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Users can rent offices in desirable locations anytime for short-term use without the limitation of entering into a long-term lease contract. These offices are not only completely renovated, but also equipped with various facilities including pantry, meeting rooms, and JustPrint's printing service.

JustPrint shares data through a secure cloud platform, where users can connect to the Internet by their own computers, cell phones or any smart devices to upload data to an encrypted and secured cloud platform, achieving a rapid printing process in any serviced office.



Insurance practitioners have to meet up clients frequently to handle insurance contract matters, of which copies of various documents or ID proofs are needed. Although practitioners can take photos of the relevant documents and print at a later stage, a convenient location for printing is needed where they can send the photos from cell phone to computer and adjust the documents before printing. Doubtlessly, the process is rather complicated and time-consuming.

Integrating cloud technology, JustPrint's print service enables practitioners to send data from their cell phone to the cloud platform anytime and anywhere where they can start printing instantly. Time and effort is saved from waiting and queuing up for computer equipment, making the process much easier.

From an insurance company's perspective, the ‘user pays’ payment method can largely help to eliminate the amount of administrative procedures since they no longer need to calculate each practitioner's printing quota and deduct the relevant expense.



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