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RICOH Cumo-nect OCR Plus

Easily transform paper documents into editable electronic files

RICOH Cumo-nect OCR Plus easily transforms and delivers almost any paper document into usable and editable electronic files such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, or Searchable PDFs, all at the touch of a button.

With the RICOH Cumo-nect OCR Plus application installed on your multifunction printer (MFP), there is no need for expensive desktop Optical Character Recognition (OCR) packages that are usually licensed for each workstation.

Once a scanned document has gone through the OCR process and converted to a specified format, it can be sent to a third party cloud storage service.

Easily create usable, editable files

RICOH Cumo-nect OCR Plus increases your productivity and efficiency by eliminating slow, manual editing of documents.

You are able to easily convert paper documents into editable electronic formats at the touch of a button. The time saved improves your workflow, and allow your employees to concentrate on more productive tasks.


  1. Increase productivity
    Improve your workflow by eliminating slow, manual re-typing of documents
  2. Reduce costs
    Subscription model eliminates the need for high upfront costs that typical desktop OCR packages incur
  3. Save time
    Significantly reduce time taken to edit paper documents
  4. Simple integration
    Authenticate and sign-in directly on your Ricoh MFP to scan and route documents in one easy step from the MFP’s panel