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31 Mar 2020

Come to join the Ricoh Live Showcase Tour to experience the new digital workplaces



At Ricoh we encourage agility and adaptability, so we took the initiative to totally change our modern, but conventional office, to a new activity-based working environment which provides powerful, cost-effective digital-first operations and a paperless workplace where our staff from different generations can reach new levels of personal achievement.

Much of the new technology is already in place and providing a new working environment for our staff, which includes:

  • Smart Facilities Management
    A display screen outside the conference room lets staff know the conference room booking schedule instantly. Staff can also use a mobile app to book meeting rooms, and cut waiting time to focus on more valuable work.
  • Smart Device Management
    A single tablet in the conference room controls the lighting, projectors and other equipment such as workspace devices, air conditioners, and audiovisual systems, making every meeting and conference run smoother and more productively.
  • Smart Visitor Management
    A tablet at the front door, registers visitors and provides real-time data on them to strengthen security and establish a professional image for the company from the moment a visitor arrives.
  • Interactive Whiteboard
    This productive device provides real-time storage, editing and sharing functions to make exchanging information in any meeting easier, and details more understandable, to further enhance meeting efficiency.

There are many more digital devices that will be introduced in the Live Showcase Tour.

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