理光透過度身訂造解決方案 加快客戶數碼轉型及ESG戰略 (只提供英文版)

Kei Uesugi, General Manager for Asia Pacific & Latin America.Kei Uesugi, General Manager for Asia Pacific & Latin America.

Under the leadership of the new General Manager for Asia Pacific & Latin America, Mr. Kei Uesugi, Ricoh is ramping up its momentum across the two regions. The world-leading corporation is well-positioned to propel customers’ digital transformation through innovative solutions while pursuing sustainable growth that benefits both people and societies.

Ricoh, founded in 1936, is a global technology leader renowned for offering smart digital solutions to maximise corporate profit and enhance efficiency. With core business segments spanning hybrid workplace, workflow and automation, cloud and IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity, Ricoh has established itself at the forefront of the workplace transformation and sustainability movement.

Since taking on the role of General Manager for Asia Pacific & Latin America, Uesugi has focused on listening to customers and colleagues across both regions, and aims to drive and accelerate the development of effective digital transformation and environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies.

From Ricoh’s new hybrid office in Hong Kong, Uesugi outlined his vision for how Ricoh will continue to empower customers by delivering customized solutions and strategic support tailored to their unique needs and challenges.


Partnering for progress

Kei Uesugi says Ricoh’s goal is to be a trusted strategic partner that understands each customer's unique needs and pain points.Kei Uesugi says Ricoh’s goal is to be a trusted strategic partner that understands each customer's unique needs and pain points.

“Our goal is to be a trusted strategic partner that understands each customer’s unique needs and pain points,” Uesugi said. “We want to support their digital initiatives through innovative workplace solutions, security infrastructure, and consulting services that maximize productivity and efficiency.”

Ricoh’s customer-centric approach is rooted in its “APAC Promise” – a foundational philosophy that focuses on creating future value for customers, employees and society by prioritizing people.

As Uesugi explained, “Placing people first is crucial to strengthening our relationships with clients and fueling joint innovation. By fostering an open and collaborative culture where we aim to understand their challenges, needs, and objectives through active listening, we can work together to develop truly customized solutions.”

This “Ricoh Way” emphasizes co-creation with partners through mutual understanding and a shared commitment to addressing each other’s priorities. “We know from our customers, and our own experience, that the workforce is changing. Our flexible solutions preserve vital connections even when remote. More importantly, they enhance efficiency and promote employees’ work-life balance,” he explained.


The workplace of tomorrow

Ricoh invests in educational programmes and skill development initiatives to equip young talents with the tools they need to succeed in the digital age.Ricoh invests in educational programmes and skill development initiatives to equip young talents with the tools they need to succeed in the digital age.

A recent survey by Deloitte found that workers, particularly younger generations, value flexibility about where they work. This includes preferences for hybrid or remote work models, with many considering workplace flexibility an important factor when choosing an employer.

Ricoh recognizes these changing workplace trends. By evolving their own offices across different regions, including the recent launch of Hong Kong office, into new hybrid workspaces, they are future-proofing for an increasingly digital and mobile workforce. Uesugi said the new space was designed with Gen Z in mind, “We wanted to create an environment that motivates and encourages creativity and innovation among our staff.”

A key highlight of the new workspace is the Future Lab, a casual space that showcases Ricoh’s diverse solutions portfolio and sparks inspiration for new possibilities. “This new space serves both as our own workplace and a showcase for clients,” said Uesugi. Within the Future Lab, customers can experience Ricoh’s latest technologies firsthand and explore how its innovations can help transform and advance their own operations.

Meanwhile, over 60% of the fixed office space has been transformed into shared, multi-purpose areas to accommodate changing work styles. Smart meeting rooms, smart pods for focused work, and recreational facilities can all be quickly reconfigured based on real-time employee needs; while technologies including advanced video conferencing and interactive whiteboards allow seamless collaboration between onsite and remote teams.

The hybrid office also utilizes smart technology like an intelligent visitor management system to provide a seamless digital experience for employees and visitors. Staff can easily automate and monitor different workplace components like lighting and air quality directly from their smartphones through the Ricoh Staff App, helping to ensure a healthy, comfortable and sustainable work environment.


Leveraging collective strengths

(Left) Kei Uesugi, General Manager of Ricoh Asia Pacific and Latin America, and (Right) Ricky Chong, Chief Operating Officer of Ricoh Hong Kong.(Left) Kei Uesugi, General Manager of Ricoh Asia Pacific and Latin America, and (Right) Ricky Chong, Chief Operating Officer of Ricoh Hong Kong.

Of course, partnerships are vital for Ricoh to maximize expertise, not least in key domains like hybrid workplace and cybersecurity. “Through collaboration, we can tap the specialized technological strengths of each partner. We work closely with strategic vendors to deliver fully integrated frontline solutions tailored to each customer profile.”

An illustrative partnership is with Cisco Meraki, through which they jointly developed the “Secure Remote Access Solution.” This offering provides secure, reliable network connectivity supporting flexible work arrangements by allowing remote access to corporate systems.

Ricoh’s commitment to such strategic partnerships was recently recognized when Cisco presented them with the Asia Pacific SMB Managed Service Partner of the Year Award 2023. This award underscores Ricoh’s exceptional dedication to delivering cutting-edge managed services tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

In October, Ricoh also announced a partnership with LinkedIn to utilize the Sales Navigator tool as part of its digital transformation of sales and marketing. With LinkedIn’s large network of 269 million members in the Asia Pacific region, Ricoh’s digital consultants now have better capabilities to meet customers where they are and provide tailored solutions to fuel the company’s growth agenda.

Driving sustainable growth

Sustainability is another component central to Ricoh’s operations. “We’re reducing our environmental impact through initiatives like remanufacturing. Our automation helps customers optimize processes and resource usage. Ultimately, we aim to create shared value for businesses and society through responsible practices,” Uesugi said.

Ricoh has recently revised its greenhouse gas reduction target upwards from a 30% to 63% reduction by 2030, demonstrating significant progress in addressing the threat of climate change.

With a legacy in the printing domain, Ricoh’s new series of eco-friendly multifunction printers upholds their vision of preserving natural resources for future generations with a 27% lower carbon footprint than previous models, 50% recycled plastic content, and by using 54% less disposable plastic packaging in favor of paper-based alternatives.

A bright future ahead

Ricoh sees the value in attracting young talent to push innovation forward, as they have a unique ability to think outside the box and challenge the status quo with novel solutions. Looking ahead, Uesugi’s vision is to cultivate the next generation of young minds while driving progress toward a more sustainable future. “We will invest in educational programmes to equip young people with skills for the digital age and to help draw their fresh perspectives into our company,” he said.

One such initiative is Ricoh’s collaboration with the Vocational Training Council (VTC) on an apprenticeship programme. The program provides hands-on training, real-world experience and coaching to prepare young people for careers enabling digital transformation. It has recruited over 20 apprentices to date, with top performers getting permanent job offers at Ricoh before graduating along with sponsorship for further education.

Through these efforts, Uesugi aims to make Ricoh “the go-to partner for businesses across Hong Kong and the wider Asia Pacific region.” He recognized “tremendous potential for expansion, collaboration and impactful relationships” that can be unlocked by cultivating rising talent.

“By channeling the passion, creativity and dedication of our Hong Kong-based colleagues and customers, we will continue fostering new solutions, delivering exceptional value and shaping the future of work together across the region,” Uesugi concluded.


Source: www.thestandard.com.hk