Enterprise facility management

Most enterprises have accumulated a large volume of information in paper or other media such as CD-ROM, tapes and microfilm, hereby requiring huge storage space. Often, both new and legacy information is not converted to a digital format. And in accordance with law, many critical documents are required to be stored for at least 7 years. As Hong Kong's rents surge, storage space accounts for a high proportion of the total operating costs.

Meanwhile, prompt response to customers is crucial nowadays. To access the required information anytime, anywhere, enterprises need to digitise their records. Ricoh offers expert services for digitizing this information and integrating with your electronic flow.

Our services

  • Mailroom services

    Redesign, implement and manage an enhanced set of business processes to your workplace

  • Document conversion

    Scanning, indexing and documenting large volume of information in different media formats

  • Facility management

    Coordinate and manage your workplace to optimize the usage

  • General admin

    Support a wide range of front office admin activities and back office functions

  • Print room services

    Cater expanded printing needs with lower costs and faster services

  • Workplace services

    Workplace design to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction


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