Materiality for the Ricoh Group

The Ricoh Group aims to create new markets and value propositions by looking broadly at social issues and taking on the challenge of resolving them while achieving social development and growing Ricoh’s business.


Seven Material Issues and SDGs

For the Ricoh Group, an ideal sustainable society is one that pursues the Three Ps Balance—the balance between Prosperity, People and Planet. To create such a society, we will work to solve social issues through business based on the material issues identified by reflecting Ricoh’s Mission Statement, Mid-Term Management Plan (MTP) and expectations of our stakeholders.

Under the 20th MTP, Ricoh has identified seven material issues in two areas, “Resolving social issues through business” and “Robust management infrastructure”. These are global priority issues that align with 12 specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



Ricoh’s Approach to Seven Material Issues and Targets

In linkage with each material issue, Ricoh has set targets for 2030, along with a total of 14 ESG targets as well. These targets were set to accelerate our efforts in achieving the SDGs.

Each business division will also set their own targets and strive to accomplish them. We will continuously review and refine the targets, KPIs and assessment methods while taking into consideration societal requirements and international norms. The opinions of our stakeholders (including customers), the social sector and experts will also be considered during our review. These changes will be reflected in our business activities to increase their contribution to society. Through these activities, employees are expected to be more aware of how their work is linked to the SDGs, thus increasing employee motivation and engagement.



*1 Top score rate: Top score rate: Highest score selecting rate
*2 RBA: Responsible Business Alliance
*3 ISO/IEC: International Organization of Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission
*4 NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology
*5 RFG: Ricoh Family Group


Download the ESG targets framework

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