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On-line Warranty Registration

產品資料 Product Information

Please fill in the form below in ENGLISH
* 為必須填寫項目
* Required fields
產品類別及產品型號 Product Series and Model Number:*
分銷商名稱 Reseller:*
機身編號 Machine Serial Number:*
(Please refer to the picture for the serial no. location)
購買日期 Date of Purchase:    (格式: DD/MM/YYYY)
Machine Installation Address:
單位, 層數及座數 Flat / Room / Floor:*
大廈名稱 / 屋苑 Building:*
街道名稱 Street / Road:*
地區 District:*
分銷商發票編號 Reseller Invoice number:
是否已透過經銷商購買升級保養計劃? Have you purchased the warranty extension plan through reseller?
額外升級保養期 Extra Warranty period:

個人資料 Personal Information

稱謂 Title:*
姓 Last Name:*
名 First Name:*
職銜 Job Title (Optional):
公司名稱 Company Name (Optional):
聯絡地址 Contact Address:
(如聯絡地址與上述產品安裝地址不同,請填寫聯絡地址 If the product is not located on the mailing address, please state)
單位, 層數及座數 Flat / Room / Floor:
大廈名稱 / 屋苑Building:
街道名稱 Street / Road:
地區 District:
手提電話 Mobile Phone Number:*
聯絡電話 Contact Phone Number:*
傳真號碼 Fax Number (Optional):
電郵地址 Email Address:*
(Please input a valid email address to receive product warranty information)
貴公司在港員工數目 Number of Employees (Optional):
行業類型 Industry Type (Optional): 
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自攜維修產品維修條款 Carry-in repair maintenance service terms

理光打印機標準維修條款 Ricoh standard printer maintenance service terms
理光投影機標準維修條款 Ricoh standard projector maintenance service terms
IDEAL碎紙機標準維修條款 IDEAL shredder maintenance service terms
請保留購買產品單據作保養 Please keep the purchase invoice for warranty.

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