Dwell time and loitering

Examining the time people spend in one place, at one display, or task, or on what might appear to be suspicious behaviour and then analysing the data can lead to improved retail displays, enhanced marketing, new insights into customer behaviour, and enhanced security.

Facial recognition

Recognising people quickly by their unique facial features can help you spot and prepare for approaching VIP or celebrity guests, or detect unauthorised personnel before they enter your premises.

Forensic search

Archived videos can be retrieved easily by specifying customised search criteria with smart search tools without having to pre-configure them.

Demographics and emotion analysis

Visually identifying customers by age, gender or emotional response, which can lead to deeper insights of attitude and behaviour of key target groups, and to provide them with what they need.

Dynamic masking

This technology is especially useful for outdoor applications, it can lead to virtual masking of particular areas of interest, while being able to ignore areas of less concern.

Heat map analysis

Heat mapping analysis can show the ‘hottest’ places of interest where the majority of visitors or customers might stop, gather or linger in a retail location, exposition or other facility.

Motion detection

Constantly analyzing images can detect any visual changes in a specific targeted area which can save on security staff while enhancing overall security.

License plate recognition

License plate recognition (LPR) automatically detects and verifies vehicle licence plates which can offer major assistance in designing intelligent traffic systems, managing car parks, and vehicle fleets, traffic and road patrols, highways, tolls, checkpoints, and border security.

Object tracking

By capturing the size, colour, motion, direction and speed of an object it can be tracked effortlessly or found easily in complex settings.

People Counting

Analysing the size of crowds or visitors by counting each person entering a specific area one by one can help to determine optimal staffing requirements for different periods and locations.

Queue management

Monitoring the status of queues in different locations and at different times of the day can help determine staffing needs to provide a better customer experience.

Suspect tracking

Tracking the whereabouts and movements of suspects by utilizing different cameras in a video surveillance system across different location with a central monitoring unit can aid in arrest and capture and in protecting citizens.

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