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PaperCut™ Print Control Solution

PaperCut™ Print Control SolutionEffectively control and manage
printing costs and expenses

PaperCut™ Print Control Solution enables schools to manage all printing and photocopying machines and charging issues, as well as keeping track of the usage of all equipment via a PC.

PaperCut™ Print Control Solution Workflow

1. IT staff of the school produces TopUp/Prepaid card via the server, then sell the cards to students and school staff via various channels
2. Students or school staff can add the recharge value of TopUp / Prepaid cards to their personal accounts through the Intranet
3. To access printing services, simply specify your printing setting and enter the password via your PC
4. To access photocopying services, just hold your student ID card or staff card over the reader beside the MFP, and enter the password
5. After the server has identified the available value in your card, you can access the services via Ricoh’s MFP (you are also required to hold your card over the reader beside the MFP for accessing printing services)
6. The administrative staff can revise the charge setting, manage account information, monitor usage record and get detailed report via their PCs

Benefits of solution

High security
The payment system with prepaid function offers stored value card with a special password for verification

Minimise manpower
The built-in system automatically updates user and group information, while all calculations are automated by the system

Easy calculation
The advanced charging system keeps records of all printing and photocopying activities automatically for accurate calculation of payments

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