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Surveillance Solutions

  • Surveillance Solutions

From intelligent network video surveillance and recording solutions, facial recognition time attendance, people counting, customer behavior analysis to intelligent intrusion detection systems, we provide complete solutions from addressing the safety of people and places to CRM.

  • Video Management System (VMS) and Network Video Recording System (NVRS)

The video management system (VMS) and Network Video Recording System (NVRS) can interoperates with a wide range of video analysis applications including facial recognition, license plate recognition, people counting and intrusion detection.

The application is work as module base and the end customers can choose and upgrade their system any time based on the changing of the requirement. The VMS also compatible with different security and alarm devices and allowing customers to mix and match system components as desired.

The system has 2 installation models: Cloud base and Local base. In cloud base models, the system and their installed models can run in cloud such that any operation in the local and mostly can be operated at cloud. Authorized network users can view and control live video from IP or encoder-connected analog cameras or retrieve recorded video from IT caliber storage. Any number of cameras and various fault-tolerant recording options can be used, including offsite storage for disaster recovery.

Systems can be scaled to meet changing or growing needs by adding standards-based cameras, servers, storage, technologies, and users as needed. The video surveillance system can converge with the network infrastructure can optimize bandwidth and storage utilization. By integrating and synchronizing video with other networked applications, the true value of video and system investments can be unlocked.

  • Facial Recognition

Quickly and accurately recognizes an identified person with our robust face recognition engine- even when on the move! This solution is optimized for uses such as access control and time and attendance management. It’s also ideal for VIP and suspect recognition and notification. As an added benefit, the system cannot be fooled by a photograph.

License Plate Recognition System

Improve general surveillance by cataloging license plate information for parking lots, drive-up windows and entry gates to allow security teams to search quickly and find evidence on a person or suspicious activity. Ricoh provided total solutions for the gate control, car park management application and fleet management system utilize the state-of-art License Plate Recognition System

  • People Counting

Accurately counting traffic that enters your store or facility empowers organizations to make smarter business decisions. Ricoh offers a wide range of people counters and customer tracking solutions that will help any facility monitor pedestrian traffic. Our people counting solutions provide actionable information that help organizations increase profitability and improve operational efficiency. It helps to determine how much sales revenue is being generated in relation to traffic, how much staff is needed, and analyze if promotional activities are successful. With this data, businesses can make more informed decisions about marketing, facilities management, staffing, security, and more.

  • Intrusion Detection

By performing real-time analysis of the video stream, system can identify and generate alerts for a variety of defined events relating to potential human or vehicle. Used for applications such as building security, safety, and facility management, the system offers effective monitoring of multiple video sources in parallel, enabling automatic detections, alerts and responses to events, as they emerge.

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