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MP W6700SP

High functionality at a reasonable priceCopy | Print | Scan

Paper handling function allowing simple operations.


With internal paper ejection mechanism, the RICOH MP W6700 SP stacks papers to be printed and copied on a level. You can easily take them and work efficiently in front of the machine even in small spaces. In addition, You can choose between an optional Multi-Stacker or Double-Stacker, the RICOH MP W6700SP also stacks the large size drawings, which improves handleability of documents.

Enable high quality scan and digitize into manageable data.


Equipped with full-color scanner function as standard, the RICOH MP W6700SP has achieved a 600dpi high-quality full-color scan even in size A0. In addition, the RICOH MP W6700SP has some features such as resolution specification from 150dpi to 600dpi, high compression PDF creation, and scanner magnification change. You can digitize drawings and documents into various data sizes to your needs.

Newly developed controller and engine provide high productivity.


In addition to the new controller processing print data fast, the RICOH MP W6700SP adopts a new engine system, achieving high productivity in various situations.


- Continuous output speed *1 A0 : 3.7cpm , A1 horizontal : 6.7cpm

- First copy time *2 A1 horizontal : 17seconds

- Warm-up time *3 2 minutes

For enquiry, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 2833 1111 .

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