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Information Security

Ricoh is committed to providing excellence to improve the quality of living, specifically in the areas of human – information interaction and human – environment interaction. As a concerned corporate citizen, Ricoh recognizes that fulfilling one's corporate responsibility is the basis of good management. Based on this awareness, we aim to raise corporate value by simultaneously achieving economic value creation and social responsibility.

As a company whose core business domain is information, ensuring information security is an indispensable element for providing secure products and services to our customers.

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Ricoh Hong Kong with ISMS Certification

Ricoh Hong Kong obtained ISMS 27001 ISMS (Information Security Management System) certification in 2007 and has since been successfully updating its certification by passing annual audits and triennial renewal audits performed by external auditors.


Information Security Management System Policy and Guideline


Basic Policy

Ricoh Hong Kong, as a trustworthy global company, shall build and maintain a business relation with customers reputed as a global leading company. We, therefore, shall recognize the value of all information assets including those of customers, business partners and employees, and establish an information security management system to protect all information assets in order to maintain the trust and confidence of all stakeholders. Based on this management system, we will maintain and enhance our corporate ethics efforts concerning legal compliance, and will further ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of our role in the global information society.

Action Guideline

1. We shall prevent leakage, destruction, and illegal use of all information relating to customer, merchandise, price, strategy, management, etc., and build the system to secure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information for daily operations.

2. We recognize the value of the private information of all employees and secure it.

3. We shall establish a contingency plan to ensure the continuity of the business.

4. Through proper education and training, we strive to raise awareness of all our employees in order to maintain and improve the effectiveness of the information security system, and enable them to conduct measures under their own responsibility.

5. We shall build and manage an organization, which grasps incidents, audits its operation and effectiveness of the information security system, and attempts its continuous improvement.

6. We will take the matter seriously if an employee is found to violate the regulations of the information security management system. We shall not hesitate to take disciplinary action or even legal action in case of breach of the regulations.




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