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General FAQ

e-Statement Registration Form

Help to save the earth by choosing to receive e-Statement. Simply download the "e-Statement Registration Form" and email to us at e.statement@ricoh.com.hk or fax back to us at (852) 2834 5682.

Product Warranty Service Agreement & Registration Form

Ricoh office products come with a free product warranty that provides free on-site maintenance repair service. The warranty also includes all common spare parts.

In general, we provide 5 years warranty for Ricoh copiers and 1 year warranty for other office products.

A service agreement will be signed with a customer to validate the product warranty. When the free product warranty expires, you will need to sign another continuation service agreement to renew the contract and it will be renewed automatically every year.

Terms & Conditions of Product Warranty Service - Applicable to Kit-charge Machines

Please read the terms & conditions carefully to enjoy the Product Warranty Service for Kit-charge Machines. 

Printer Online Warranty Registration

For laser printers purchased from Ricoh Hong Kong authorized resellers, please click "here" for online warranty registration.


Additional Toner Request

If you need to request additional toner from Ricoh, you can call our Ricoh CS Hotline at 2833-1111 or download the "Toner Request Form" and fax to 2564-4470.


Meter Reading Report

There are several ways to report meter reading:

  1. For digital machines, please print out counter sheet and email to TSD.ContractSection@ricoh.com.hk or fax to 2880-6088.
  2. For analogue machines, please fill in the "Meter Reading Report Form" and email to TSD.ContractSection@ricoh.com.hk or fax to 2880-6088.



Apply AutoPay Service

It is convenient to use Autopay Service and save your time in preparing the cheque. You can enjoy a 30-days repayment period from the invoice date. Simply fill in the “Autopay Application Form”and mail it to Accounting Department, at 21/F, One Kowloon, 1 Wang Yuen Street, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. We will send to the bank for approval and there will be a formal notification from the bank to confirm the acceptance. Please note that it usually takes 4-6 weeks to apply.


Cancel Service Maintenance Contract

To cancel your maintenance contract, you need to inform us in writing one month before the effective date. Please fill in the “Cancellation / Re-opening of Service Contract Form”with your company chop and fax it to our Service Department at 2564-4470. Please note that you are liable to pay all the outstanding charges under the maintenance period before we accept your written notification.


Join Service Maintenance Contract

If your machine is currently not under maintenance and you would like to join our service maintenance contract, you should contact our Service Administration Department. Firstly we need to inspect your machine (with the charge of HK$700 excluding spare part) to confirm the condition. Quotation will be given if the machine needs to replace spare parts. If the machine is confirmed to be under serviceable condition, we will proceed to signing the service maintenance contract accordingly.

Our Customer Service Administratio Department  will send you a maintenance quotation if your free product warranty is approaching expiry within three months. After you renew the service contract, you can continue to enjoy unlimited on-site service including all major spare parts. No charge will apply for renewal of service contracts before expiry.

Change of Customer's Name / Ownership Transfer, Billing and Machine Location Address

If you have changed your company address, machine ownership or relocate your office machine, please fill in the “Change of Customer Information Form” with authorized signature and company chop and fax it to our Finance Department at 2893-2803. We will update your record accordingly.

Change of Customer's Name - Customer name is changed without changing the legal entity.
Transfer Ownership - Agreement or Machine assign/transfer to another customer under different legal entity.

Document required:

- Application for Change of Customer Information Form (With company chop and authorized signature)

Other documents required (if applied):

- Copy of valid Business Registration Certificate
- Copy of valid Certificate of Incorporation with Change of Name
- Copy of valid Certificate of Change of Name
- Copy of valid Company Address Proof (For new company address)
- Copy of valid Machine Location Proof (For new machine location address)
Customer needs to fulfill the following conditions before the name change application is being approved:

- Settle all outstanding invoices before the changes are updated reflected.
- Pay handling charge as requested

Under some circumstances, we reserve the absolute rights to request customer to

- submit additional documents for consideration of approval
- sign a new set of agreements to reflect the applied changes
- report the last meter reading before changes
- provide a personal guarantee


- Ricoh reserves the final decision rights for the application for change of Customer Information or Contract Transfer.
- Customer submits the above requested document does not mean that Ricoh will approve the application unconditionally. Please note that any documents submitted will not be returned.
- Ricoh will contact customer for more information or documents subject to case by case.


Make Payment

You can make cheque payable to 'Ricoh Hong Kong Limited' for settling your bills or you can arrange Autopay service for payment of meter charges.

How much does it cost me to repair my machine if I have no service contract?

We will charge you the following one time labour charge excluding any spare parts. Quotation will be given if the machine needs to replace any spare part.

Outlying Islands
Job charge:
Ricoh Copier /Fax
700 800



What is the meter charge every month?

Meter charge is the charge based on the number of copies/printer made every month by your Ricoh copier. This charge is simply calculated by multiplying the cost per copy with the number of copies/printer made in a month. The meter charge covers the toner and consumable supplies for making the copies and the toner will be delivered automatically to your office based on the meter reading you report to us.

Why do I need to report meter reading?

It is very important to report your meter reading to us every month simply because we will arrange to provide toner cartridges to you based on the number of copier/printer you made. Reporting meter reading regularly will make sure your copier toner will not run out.


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