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Corporate Awards

Caring Company 2004-2015  

Ricoh Hong Kong Limited (RHK) has always played an active role to promote social services, to bear social responsibilities, to promote environmental protection and to serve the community. Mr. Aaron Yim, Managing Director, Ricoh Hong Kong Limited, stated that, "RHK's efforts reflect the company's three motivating corporate principles, or the 'Three Spirits of Love', in which we take much pride - love for our neighbors, love of our country and love of our work. Aiming to extend these principles and bring this culture to the community, we take serving people and improving the environment as our responsibilities."

With great commitment to charitable projects, the "Ricoh Staff Club" has been set up to organize various volunteer services. For instance, the Club has strongly supported members of staff joining the Red Cross Blood Donation program, Oxfam's Trailwalker and the Community Chest's Dress Casual Day and Skip Lunch Day. In addition, Ricoh's volunteer team led a group of mentally challenged children from St. James' Settlement to visit the countryside. The team also provided one-to-one interactive tutorials for online learning to children of the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, which aimed at enhancing their interest in learning English. Last November, Ricoh took part in the Footbridge Gallery Beautification Project, co-organized by the Cultural and Leisure Services Committee of the Wanchai District Council and Wanchai Urban Small Project Team, to revitalize 50 pillars at Tai Fat Hau and made them vibrant with color again.

With the aim to promote a caring culture and to extend the scope of services, Ricoh encourages its staff members not only to participate in volunteer services but also to share those joy and happiness with their families.

Best Employer in Hong Kong (2005)  

Ricoh Hong Kong was named the 'Best Employer in Hong Kong 2005' by Hewitt Associates with characteristics:

  • Consistently inspire great performance from their people;
  • Go out of their way to ensure employees feel valued; and
  • Manage their business in ways that build long-term success and sustainability.


HKMA Quality Award (2002)

By June 2002, RHK was awarded the Overall Winner of the “2002 HKMA Quality Award” for excellence in total quality management. This prestigious award is presented annually by the Hong Kong Management Association in special recognition of a company's achievement in quality management embodied in seven criteria categories:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer and Market Focus
  • Information and Analysis
  • Human Resource Focus
  • Process Management
  • Business Results


HKPC Productivity Award for Services (2001)

In November 2001, Ricoh Hong Kong won the Winner of “2001 HKPC Productivity Award for Services” and was praised for its strong customer focus and substantially improved customer satisfaction.

Best Practice Award in People Development (2001)

In November 2001, Ricoh Hong Kong was awarded the “2001 Best Practice Award” in People Development that acknowledged its outstanding performance in the area of staff training and career development programs.






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