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HK-based Law Firms Significantly Boost Billability With A Great Reduction of Case Handling Time

Law firm case study

Install Ricoh’s ground-breaking BPM (Business Process Management) solution that supports every step of the case life cycle

Our Clients’ Story and Challenges

The legal sector in Hong Kong is facing an increasing number of challenges to its traditional working practices, as told by our local law firm clients. The substantial volume of case information has left them struggling to find extra storage space amid high rent. In addition, the endless toggle between multiple document versions, unorganized manual handling and remote working often make it harder for lawyers and legal professionals to be as productive as possible. In such an operation environment where productivity gets derailed, increasing billability is proving even more challenging, leading our HK-based law firm clients to embark on a new change in business processes.

Ricoh’s BPM with Bank-grade Level Security Standards

HK-based law firms need a secure, effective case-centric enterprise solution that delivers high level of clarity so to increase billability. To do this, Ricoh proactively introduced a powerful BPM solution to suit the HK-based law firms’ needs, with a unique blend of features that allow lawyers and legal professionals to keep close control of time, materials and billing milestones from case opening to closing, without requiring any specialized knowledge or programming.

On the next level, BPM particularly adopts Ricoh’s high-level security technology, just as secure as banks, all sensitive information is encrypted when stored, processed or transmitted over the web, keeping it safe both inside the office and out. The custom permission feature of BPM ensures that the information can only be viewed by intended parties. 

10 Powerful Core Features

Productive, Secure. Whenever, Wherever.

1. Digital Platform of Case Data Input, Scanning, Printing and Imaging

2. e-Signature For Case Confirmation and Approval

3. Secure Encryption of Confidential Files and Custom Permission

4. Complete Indexing of Case Data and Metadata

5. Real-time Document Routing and File Versions Tracking

6. Secure Archive and Storage With Encryption

7. Audit Trails with Full Progress of Tracking

8. Pending Document and Actions Alert

9. Billing Status Tracking and Invoice Reminder

10. Client-based, Web-based and Mobile-based Versions Available

Increases Billability ꟷ Tracking and Billing

Law firm is an information-driven business, if the case information is not readily available, found missing or retrieved from uncertain sources, this means manual handling procedure will be more time-consuming, and eventually slows down billing process.

Ricoh’s powerful BPM solution prevents such bottlenecks by keeping everyone on the same page. The supportive tools such as document routing and versions tracking provides real-time visibility of all documents-in-progress. The time sheet and log book are also available for users to measure how much of time that lawyers or legal professionals spend on billable works, thereby helping firms to do better time management, and most importantly, to speed up billing.

More Than Just Streamlining ꟷ It’s a Competitive Advantage

As the revolution of information management is sweeping through almost every industry, the traditional legal sector in Hong Kong is not an exception. Information management doesn’t mean storing everything merely into a computer. In fact, the entire life cycle of case handling, including information input, processing, editing, retrieving, storage, auditing, tracking and invoicing ꟷ is all viewed as a single environment to monitor and manage in real-time, and in return maximizing the utilization of firm resources and saving more time for the next case.

Find out how Ricoh make billing faster for Hong Kong law firms

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